Albert Herb to serve as new GWU Managing Director


Albert Herb has been appointed to the management board of Gummi-Welz (GWU) with retroactive effect from 1 June 2021. He thus succeeds Horst Grein, who resigned his mandate with effect from May 31, 2021.

In future, Grein will focus on the research & development of new applications for the bus industry as Senior Expert Application Engineering Bus within HÜBNER's Material Solutions business segment.  
In recent months, Albert Herb has already been managing the reorganization of production at GWU's Neu-Ulm site in his role as Head of Operations for HÜBNER's Material Solutions business segment.  This role will now be expanded to include his responsibilities as GWU Managing Director.  In addition to Albert Herb, HÜBNER General Manager Ingolf Cedra is also represented on the GWU management board.

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