Potential risks and dangers when using public transport

Conventional door systems used in passenger transport typically cannot react to spontaneously occurring situations. Time and again – as doors are closing, persons or objects get caught. And the consequences can be life-threatening.

Conventional door locking systems are mostly unable to react to spontaneous situations.

Passengers may get stuck in locking systems and have to deal with extremely stressful situations.

School pupils may get trapped in doors and face serious danger.

People and objects getting trapped in doors lan lead to severe accidents and injuries.

To help solve this problem, GWU has developed smart rubber systems for greater safety.

The SensIQ product family ensures optimum anti-trap protection with the help of contact strips, LED lights or infrared beams. Depending on requirements, the SensIQ products can be used for various protection profiles. With their integrated sensor technology, the innovative closing systems detect hazardous situations in a fraction of a second – substantially reducing the risk of personal injuries or property damage. For more safety when boarding and leaving vehicles

SensIQ contact
Anti-trap protection with contact strips

With this solution, doors open immediately to prevent trapping. We develop finger protection profiles tailored to suit your specific application and with a pre-installed safety edge.

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SensIQ signal
Colored LED technology for more safety

SensIQ signal guides passengers in out and out of the vehicle with colored LED illumination. The products let passengers know what's  happening even at a distance.

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SensIQ touchless
Touchless door safety

The SensIQ touchless light curtain system provides touchless anti-trap passenger protection. It detects when object or persons are in the entry area of the vehicles and prevents the doors from closing.

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Certified safety in buses 

  • ECE R 107
    Safety of Vehicle Doors on Buses
  • ECE R 118
    Preventive Fire Protection on Buses
  • ECE approval mark
    e1 (passed)


Certified safety in trains  

  • TÜV Nord (German Technical Inspection Association)
    EN 50155
    Electronic Systems in Railway Vehicles
  • TÜV Nord
    EN 50128
    Railway Applications – Software for Railway Control and Protection Systems
  • TÜV Nord
    EN 45545-2
    Preventive Fire Protection in Railway Vehicles
  • TÜV Nord
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    Railway Applications – Electromagnetic Compatibility
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    Railway Applications – The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
  • EN 14752
    Railway Applications – Side Entry Systems for Railway Vehicles
  • ECE approval mark: