Glass-fibre reinforced plastic - brought into perfect shape 

GRP components - in Gummi-Welz quality

In its product category of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), Gummi-Welz offers individual cladding systems and sound insulation components. Here at Gummi-Welz, we pride ourselves on the consistently high standard and quality of our custom-made products, which we supply to special-purpose vehicle manufacturers in Germany and all over the world, always providing a flexible and reliable service.   
Our range of services includes product development, prototype and sample construction, mould and model production and the manufacture and installation of pre-finished component assemblies. Customers of Gummi-Welz GmbH & Co. KG benefit from our expert knowledge and the modern technology used in our German and Polish network of skills and expertise.  You can find a number of examples of applications in which our moulded GRP parts are used in the gallery at the bottom of this page. 

Our Services: 

Product development: 

We use state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems.

Prototype construction:

We create samples in close consultation with our customers.

Model production: 

We mill models using CNC based on 3D CAD data.

Final production:

Our customers can rely on our expertise in
  • RTM and LRTM injection procedures,
  • vacuum injection and vacuum transfer processes,
  • laminating using hand lay-up techniques,
  • fibre spraying and resin foam systems.

Further processing: 

We can apply a finish coat of varnish according to customer specifications and assemble individual components to form prefabricated systems on request.


We develop and manufacture suitable loading equipment for secure and space-saving transportation.