Gummi-Welz stands for quality and sustainability

 Our certified quality standards know no compromise.  

We want our customers to be satisfied with our products and services, which is precisely why we manufacture our products in accordance with the latest quality and environmental standards. All of the sites used by Gummi-Welz GmbH & Co. KG are certified in accordance with the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We are also committed to our company's very own quality objectives, which apply to the entire GWU Group.   
These objectives include the production of transparent documentation of all procedures that can be universally viewed and understood and the provision of professional training measures for employees. When working with our suppliers, we ensure that they provide a high level of quality and reliability.

When it comes to GWU products, every stage of the manufacturing process is carefully checked and extremely closely monitored.

Our customers can rest assured that every part that leaves our company has been inspected by our quality assurance team.

We are also certified in accordance with the environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

This means that the entire GWU Group is committed to strictly complying with statutory and regulatory requirements in order to ensure full conformity with the law. It has also stipulated universal environmental objectives for all of its sites, which cover factors such as providing employees with constant training and making them aware of environmental issues, considering environmental protection aspects when choosing materials and suppliers and carrying out regular inspection and corrective measures. When it comes to GWU products, every stage of the manufacturing process is carefully checked and extremely closely monitored. Our new tensile testing machine enables us to test the elasticity of rubber profiles. In-house quality assurance is a top priority at Gummi-Welz.

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Gummi-Welz development

Product innovation development – based on our extensive experience

Gummi-Welz GmbH & Co.KG develops products such as finger protection and anti-trap protection profiles for use in public transport for its customers. These profiles have to do be able to withstand high levels of stress in day-to-day use. When developing such products, our design and quality assurance teams therefore work in close cooperation. The findings and results of our testers are incorporated into all considerations, from the initial idea though to the finished product.
When developing rubber test samples, for example, we work with different raw material mixtures and optimise them until they meet our requirements with regard to leak tightness.  Taking this approach enables us to achieve a high quality standard for our Gummi-Welz products, thus guaranteeing our customers trouble-free solutions.

Gummi-Welz test procedures  

100% to meet your demands   

For every newly-developed product, we provide our customers with a complete set of technical documentation and all of the necessary test certificates, including the German TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) certification.

In order to ensure that we can do so without any problems, Gummi-Welz uses its own test procedures, which are strictly monitored by our quality assurance team.   
These test procedures are specially tailored to suit our rubber or foam products. Our adhesion test, for example, uses a defined load to examine the durability of adhesive bond in a procedure that we developed ourselves, while a diesel penetration test in accordance with the standard ECE R 118.02 is used to check the resistance of materials against the penetration of diesel oil.

In order to meet the high quality demands of our customers in the bus industry, Gummi-Welz uses special test benches (as shown in the image on the left below) to examine the use of various rubber profiles.