Brandnew at GWU:
Finger protection profiles with LED Fluorescent Strips 


LED Fluorescent Strips Make Getting On and Off Vehicles
a Problem-Free Experience

The LED fluorescent strips that can now be found in its finger protection profiles use different colours to guide passengers when getting on and off buses and trains.

Just like a traffic light, the strips help passengers to identify which door they can use to get on the train or bus (e.g. those with green lighting), whether a door is closing (e.g. flashing red) or whether the bus or train is already departing (and its doors are therefore lit up red). The doors can also be fitted with a corresponding acoustic signal and can additionally alert passengers if they are standing in the path of the light barrier and thus preventing the door from closing (e.g. by flashing yellow). This new solution helps to shorten the stop times of suburban and underground trains.

The LED strips offer operators of public transport a multitude of different options and can be programmed and controlled to meet their individual needs and requirements. They can be retrofitted to all types of doors. 

The LED lighting is an ideal addition to the GWU door safety system, which is comprised of a finger protection profile with integrated sensors that are located directly on the door's leading edge. The system works together with a foot detection system on the door still to prevent collisions between the door and people or objects and to avoid people or objects being accidentally dragged along by the vehicle.

  1. LED lighting by GWU effective directly on the door‘s leading edge Can be integrated in any rubber profile
  2. Suitable for standard doors
  3. Suitable for straight, curved and angled doors
  4. Individual signal colours can be programmed according to customer preference
  5. A wide variety of colours available in continuous, flashing or multicolour light modes 
  6. A maintenance-free system